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About Our Whole Flower CBD/cbg

In our whole flower CBD products, we use only the flowers of high-end strains such as Cherry Wine, Hawaiian Haze, Elektra, Lifter, Baox, White CBG and Stem Cell CBG. Vermont Hemp Health products go from seed to shelf. We hand germinate each seed on our farm in the Northeast Kingdom. We grow only high-end CBD strains, with seeds from reliable sources that range from 15%-26% CBD. Our strains are flavorful packed with terpenes and smell amazing.
Vermont Hemp Health has one mission, providing the most effective whole flower CBD products on the market. We started out to help those who need it most. 

That's why we provide our high-quality products. Powerful CBD should be accessible to all. We grow, harvest, and extract right here on our farm, to ensure that each product is fresh. Buy Vermont grown Whole Flower CBD online today!


We use whole flower solvent free extraction using fractionated coconut oil and high end cannabis hemp flower. Our CBD capsules, CBD oils, and CBD lotions are vegetarian, gluten free, and have zero additives. Our oils have just two ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil, high end cannabis hemp flower CBD extract. That's it!


Vermont Hemp Health germinates each seed individually, providing a true "farm-to-capsule" operation. Our plants are sprouted under fluorescent lights and put in vegetative state for 3-4 weeks. We Practice organic farming methods while also supplying organic nutrients for extra growth and healthier CBD in the flowers.

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